Owner after a period


Owner after your chosen period
You determine your monthly fee
Without large direct investment
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Made to last 15 years

Our products are selected based on quality. This way we ensure that your furniture will last a long time, often up to 15 years .

No surprises or fine print

At PayForUse, we have a "what you see is what you get" policy. No unexpected costs or snags.

Warranty still long after your term

After your term is over. Just still have warranty just like a normal product. The product page will tell you for how long.

How does it work?


Decide which furniture you need, or let our experts do it for you.


Let our experts help you, or decide which products are included in the quote. So that you know what the cost is.


We will come to deliver to your location within 15 business days on a day of your choosing.


After your term is over, you own the furniture!


Even after your term, you are still entitled to warranty. Often the warranty does run up to 10 years.

No surprises

The most normal thing in the world

The normal thing to pay off your phone or laptop but not yet your office furniture. It was time to change this

Our products are made to last at least 15 years
No major investments
Still warranty after your term ends

Frequently asked questions at Rent2own

In brief so that everything is clear

1- You choose the furniture you want on the site; a chair, desk or a complete set. Through a quote or email, we do the rest.

2- After we receive your order, we will contact you within a few hours to set up an appointment. When we come to deliver and assemble if you choose to do so. So you don't have to do anything!

3- After your chosen term, you own the furniture. No surprises you are the boss

After receiving the order, you will automatically receive an order confirmation. Soon after this, you will receive the expected delivery date. Just at your convenience.

After you become an owner, you simply still have warranty. Much of our furniture comes with at least a 5-year warranty but some also come with 15 years. This remains in effect even after you become an owner.

You may have already found furniture that you love. At Rent2Own, we're not the hard ones and would love to get in touch with you. This will also allow us to suggest furniture that we may not currently offer

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