Giving your customers flexibility has never been easier

Become a dealer?

Your prices, your rules
At Payforuse, we give you the freedom to set your monthly prices. You know your market best, and we support you in achieving the profits you envision. We give you a price list and login to see current prices and stock.
Let Us Take the Concerns Away
Imagine top quality furniture delivered to your customers without having to worry about logistics. We take this burden off your shoulders so you can fully focus on what you do best - bringing in clients.
White label solution
At Payforuse, we drive cars without corporate advertising, so that you, the customer, are the only one who knows about our services. In addition, we can customize the products to your corporate identity so that you too can keep up with the changing market.
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Don't pay much more than regular purchasing products. Pay these in installments and at the end of your term, you, or your client, own the furniture.

Cancellable monthly

No minimum lease terms for your clients and cancel at your convenience. It should and will remain that simple.


Get access to our assortment of remaining stock. This way we help each other and ensure that nothing will be thrown away.

This is where it starts

At Payforuse, we believe in the power of partnership and simplicity. We strive to support dealers like you in achieving success without hassle and with complete freedom.

Why become a Payforuse dealer? Simple, because we believe in your potential and we know our partnership can take your business to unprecedented heights.

Choice from the complete range
Products you know

Choice from the complete range

Private label
Your company, your rules

Private label

You decide

Want to assemble and deliver yourself? Of course, we can also do this for you without corporate advertising.

Taking over rented furniture

And as icing on the cake, each monthly rental fee is deducted from the new value of the furniture, so you can always offer the furniture to your customers at a discounted rate when they are done renting.
Advanced Technologies

But who is Payforuse?

In 2020, PayForUse was started out of a desire to offer businesses a flexible solution for office furniture. An option that is timeless, fast and reliable.

Now working in an office from 9 to 5 no longer is it was. This calls for a flexible solution that is affordable for everyone. That's why we started PayForUse!

For a fixed low monthly fee with no hidden fees or complicated contracts.

What are you waiting for?

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