A circular office

With monthly cancellable furniture, we are finally closing the circle.

We focus on providing flexible, affordable and inspiring work environments through intelligent (re)use of stuff to promote the well-being of both employees, businesses and the planet.

Correct from the beginning
Correct from the beginning

All products at Payforuse are selected based on quality. This way we can guarantee upon return that we can extend the life span

Payforuse offers one solution for all
Payforuse offers one solution for all

No thousands of options but the furniture that fits your needs perfectly. This allows us to provide everything we need to continue to extend the life span.

"Payforuse does not sell office furniture but facilitates it"

What matters to us is that you are comfortable over the entire period of use. Payforuse makes sure your furniture is functioning properly, clean, and make sure everything is perfect. That's why we stay in touch with you to facilitate everything you need so that you can sit well.

The right feeling
The right feeling

Our customers should be able to feel good about their purchase and know that they are contributing to a better world by choosing flexibility.

How does it work?

The most sustainable

Do not own
Changing furniture
Which we refurbish
Deploy again

Payforuse's circular business approach offers high-quality furniture and flexible workplaces at an affordable price.

By choosing to subscribe rather than buy, you are taking an important step toward reducing the carbon footprint of your activities.

When certain furniture in the office is no longer needed, Payforuse will not throw it away. Instead, they are refurbished and reused, extending their lifespan.

With Payforuse, we revolutionize the furniture industry

Circular design

With the circular design of payforuse, the emphasis is on beautiful easy and comfortable

Repurposing furniture

We select furniture that will last. So that we can not only make you happy with this. But also the user after you


We hide nothing and share everything.
So no secrets