Monthly cancellable office furniture

No minimum rental period, Notice periods or special issues just monthly cancelable furniture.

Need a work-at-home plan for your colleagues?
Need a work-at-home plan for your colleagues?
Investing for home offices can be pricey. Maybe your colleague won't stay for 5 years? We are happy to help you with a monthly cancelable work-at-home plan for your colleagues.
Just getting started? Or are you growing faster than you can handle?
Just getting started? Or are you growing faster than you can handle?
Sometimes you grow faster than you thought beforehand. We are here for you with the furniture you need to focus on continuing to grow!
Perfect for start-up / scale-ups
Perfect for start-up / scale-ups
Not sure what the future holds? Investing in expensive furniture is better used for something else. Get access to the best furniture for a small fair amount per month.
How does it work?

Cancellable monthly


Decide which furniture you need, or let our experts do it for you.


Get your quote with or without a 3D drawing so you know exactly what the cost will be.


We will come to deliver to your location within 15 business days on a day of your choosing.

More or less?

It is possible at all times to make changes to the design of your office. Scale up or scale down

The benefits
Cancellable monthly
No minimum terms
Fully circular furniture
Takeover possible
Fast delivery
No fine print

Fill the office - not the landfill

Close the circle

Circular office furniture

We extend the life of furniture by refurbishing it and circulating it between companies.

Our products are made to last at least 15 years
We extend the life of furniture by making it like new
The truly circular solution for office furniture

Frequently asked questions about monthly cancellation

In brief so that everything is clear

1- You choose the furniture you want on the site; a chair, desk or a complete set. Through a quote or email, we do the rest.

2- After we receive the order we will contact you within a few hours to make an appointment for us to come and deliver and assemble it if you choose to do so. So you don't have to do anything!

3- Need more or fewer workstations? No problem! With us you can easily change your subscription monthly, just send a simple email or give us a call.

After receiving the order, You will automatically receive an order confirmation. Soon after this, you will receive the expected delivery date. Just at your convenience. Don't need the furniture anymore? No problem! We just come and pick it up for free

With Payforuse, you can cancel monthly, easily via phone, your account or email. You will find these details in the description and on our site. We will make an appointment to pick up the furniture from you free of charge at a date that suits you best! And, of course, we will stop payment on your subscription.

Directly... As we promise, when we cancel monthly, we really do cancel monthly. No minimum notice periods or that kind of nonsense.

Each month you rent goes off the starting value. That means that after a certain amount of time, you still pay amount X for your furniture. Our account manager will be happy to make you a proposal. They are yours after that!

We prefer to have the furniture back because it was made with the mindset that it will still last perfectly after 15 years.

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