Cancellable monthly Rent2Own

No fine print, difficult contracts or minimum lease terms.

We get a 4.5/5

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Cancellable monthly

No minimum lease terms! You don't have to make expensive investments thanks to our flexible service we grow with you.

Rent 2 own

Do you wish to take ownership of your furniture after a certain period of time? Now easier than ever to determine your own term and furniture. Then we will do the rest

As little as 0.33 per colleague per day

Decide for yourself what you need or contact us. You have the freedom to change your (home) office at any time, free of charge and without a fixed contract
Choose monthly cancellation or rent2own

Choose what suits your business

Whether you are just starting out or are now a corporation we have the options to fit all your needs. We offer several options to fit your furniture needs.

Fully circular furniture
No minimum rent/cancellation period
Taking over furniture after period x
Always delivered within 15 working days

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